Strappal 4cm x 10m

Inelastic adhesive tape

High skin tolerance

Especially designed for taping (functional bandages)


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Thanks to its hypoallergenic adhesive, Strappal is the ultimate bandage solution for patients with sensitive skin! Perfect for mild to moderate injuries, such as joint sprains and muscle ruptures, this tape provides the necessary containment, support, and relief your patients need.


Designed with inelastic, selectively restricting movements, our bandage is great for the prevention and treatment of mild to moderate injuries in joint and muscle areas. Plus, it tears easily by hand, making it easy to apply without any scissors required. The serrated edges also prevent fraying, ensuring a neat and tidy finish.


One of the standout features of Strappal is its hypoallergenic adhesive properties. This makes it ideal for patients with sensitive skin who may have adverse reactions to traditional bandages. And with no adhesive residue left on removal, your patients will experience a pain-free removal process.


Our functional bandages are used in various medical fields, including sports medicine and physiotherapy, traumatology, occupational medicine, neurology, and rehabilitation. So, whether you're treating athletes or patients recovering from an injury, our bandages are the perfect choice.


Get Strappal as the ultimate solution for your patients with sensitive skin today!




4cm x 10m





  • No adhesive residue when removed

  • Inelastic, selectively limits movements

  • Tears easily by hand

  • Easy to apply, no scissors required

  • Serrated edges prevent fraying



Strappal tape is also available in our best-value box of 24 rolls.

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