Pretape 7cm x 27m – Beige – 48 Rolls

Pretape 7cm x 27m


Best-value pack of 48 rolls

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Introducing the essential protector for your patients – Pretape! This pre-bandage is designed to protect the skin when a body part needs to be immobilized, either by a functional bandage or by a synthetic plaster cast.


With Pretape, your patients won't have to worry about itching or stinging from the bandage. It provides a barrier between the skin and the functional bandage, which helps to provide additional support and comfort without compromising the effectiveness of the immobilization.


The Pretape features anchoring strips that cover the entire perimeter of the segment, receiving the forces transmitted by the active strips. The active strips, on the other hand, selectively immobilize or limit movement depending on the structure to be protected. This makes it a great option for physiotherapists and sports medicine practitioners who need to provide their patients with high-quality and targeted immobilization.


Pretape also avoids the need for total depilation of the body segment and facilitates the removal of the bandage without dragging the hair, making the removal process painless for the patient. The keys to a quality Pretape are its thinness, malleability, strength, pleasant texture, ease of tearing, and firmness.


With a bandage weight of just 40g and a width of 70mm, Pretape is a convenient and effective option for your patients. Always remember to apply it to clean, dry skin, and do not use it as a substitute for conventional tape. Use Pretape to make bandaging treatment more effective and comfortable for your patients!



Directions for use:


  • Always apply to clean, dry skin.

  • Do not use as a substitute for conventional tape or plaster.




  • Weight: 40g

  • Width: 70mm


While this pack of 48 is our best-value packaging size, Pretape is also available individually.

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