Functional Tape Sporttape 3,8 cm x 10 m

Tape in white with 3,8cm x 10m

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  • Strong and durable functional tape

  • White non-elastic cotton fabric

  • Coated with hot-melt adhesive for high adhesive power

  • Latex free for those with allergies

  • Tearable longitudinally and transversely

  • Suitable for functional and sports bandages (taping)

  • Supports and protects muscles and joints

  • Prevents injuries from happening in the first place

  • Enables peak performances despite minor injuries


Functional taping is a type of partial immobilization technique used for tendon, muscle and ligament injuries. It is called "partial immobilization" because the bandage slightly limits mobility in the direction of movement in which pain occurs or could aggravate the injury. On the other hand, it does allow the rest of the movements of the joint. 


There are two main use cases for functional bandages:


Preventive: Functional tapes are applied to minimize the risk of injury. Many athletes, for example, wear preventive functional bandages to avoid ankle injuries or sprains.


Therapeutic: Functional bandages are applied to alleviate a pathology or injury, minimizing pain and the risk of aggravating it. At the same time, they allow the injured person to carry out their sporting activity in a normal way.
Football players are a good example for this. When they suffer a sprained ankle, they do not want to be out for days. Instead, they often prefer to play despite the injury, so they will go out on the field wearing a functional bandage. This bandage limits the mobility of the injured ankle, eliminating or minimizing pain and enabling high performance despite the injury.

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