MicroFET2 performance test bench for skeletal muscles

The MicroFET2 is an electronic hand dynamometer that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. It is the most comfortable and ergonomic hand device on the market. The MicroFET 2 wireless system is the basis of the MicroFET product line and validly measures muscle strength at all levels. It was designed to be a stand-alone meter to capture individual strength measurements for any muscle test.

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Meter information is displayed in two LCD windows. During the test, the Maximum Force LCD shows the force being applied against the transducer pad, and at the end of the test, the LCD shows the maximum force achieved. In addition, the second screen shows the elapsed time of the test from the moment the stress threshold was crossed until the test was completed.


- The original digital dynamometer.

- Ergonomic shape and lightweight design makes microFet 2 easy to use.

- Compact design that fits easily in the hand.

- The industry standard for durability, reliability and accuracy.

- Used by NASA, OSHA and major universities and research institutions worldwide.

- Recognized by the medical-legal community for documentation, accuracy and validity

- Versatile accessories ensure proper muscle isolation for more reliable results.

- Easy to read LCD display located directly on the meter shows peak strength and duration.

- For use on its own or with our Clinical Data Collection or FET Software

- Clinical Software at the best price on the market.

- Professional, close and immediate after-sales service.

Technical features:

- Weight: 0.5 kgs.

- Power supply: 3.7V - ½ AA LI-ion batteries.

- Operating temperature: 11 - 33C.

- Humidity: 60/80% without condensation.

- Capacity: 300 lbs (660 Newtons).

- Accuracy: within 1%.

- Sampling rate: selectable - 10, 50, 100 sample / second.

- Data Storage: Stores 30 most recent tests.

MicroFET2 Base Station

- MicroFET 2

- 3 Attachments: large, digital and flat

- User's manual

- Upper and lower body test pads

- Muscle test wall

- Transport case

- Calibration certificate

Optional Softwares

- Clinical Data Collection Software: Provides the ability to perform, save, retrieve and analyze tests. Automatically identifies which device(s) (force, angle, speed and pressure) are being used to collect test data with a meter or simultaneously with any combination of meters.

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