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The Massage Gun is the expertly-designed massage tool that delivers real results, allowing your body to relax, release and recover faster than ever.
Ready to add a game changing tool to your recovery best practices?
  • Designed for Athletes, by Athletes, the brand new Massage Gun V2™ is bringing to market a high quality and ultra silent percussion/vibration therapy tool. On all 3 speeds, our advanced technology combined with a high torque brushless motor provide a quiet atmosphere to relax your mind and your muscles.
  • Featuring three speeds; 1800, 2400 and 3200 Strokes per Minute, you can choose lower frequencies to warm-up or massage injured muscles, then increase speeds to target larger muscle groups.
  • We also upgraded to a 24V Built-In Samsung Battery for 4 hours of battery life; ideal for professionals seeking to implement percussion and vibration therapy into their daily treatment regimens. Simply plug in your device with the included DC power outlet.
  • The kit comes with a molded carry-case and now comes with a market leading 8 attachments designed by athletes, including our unique Double Ball™ attachment, perfect for riding along your calves, shins or spine.
  • The vibrating frequency helps to bypass the body's pain signals and provides a deep massage which reduces muscle and joint pain, improves mobility, helps relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms and general stiffness.
  • With a sleek aluminum body, the Massage Gun™ is like having a portable massage therapist that you can take anywhere. If you have an injury or lasting effects from one, this is the tool that will rid you of your pain, for good. 

The combination of vibration and percussion therapy makes the Massage Gun a perfect addition to any athlete, therapist or fitness specialist’s recovery regimen. 

Technical Specifications:
   Product Dimensions: 9.1" x 8.5" x 2.8"
   Weight 1.1 kg
   Device Power: 54Wh
   Work Noise Level: 40-50dB
Capacity: 2500mAh
Voltage: 24V
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: 26V DC-1A
   Certifications: CE, RoHS and FC
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